Town Level Planning

FastRoads has built an open access middle mile and last mile network that aggregates demand for the entire region, including community anchor institutions, large and small businesses, government offices and agencies, and residents. The routes built with stimulus funds has provided middle mile fiber to 22 communities and 220 community anchor institutions in the Fast Roads region, and two last mile projects has provided available fiber connections to approximately 1300 businesses and residents in Rindge and Enfield, where many residents are still limited to dial up and DSL Internet access.

Planning documents for each town are attached below.

Claremont Planning [pdf]1012.18 KB
Enfield Planning [pdf]2.59 MB
Fitzwilliam Planning [pdf]1.05 MB
Gilsum Planning [pdf]795.17 KB
Goshen Planning [pdf]769.81 KB
Hanover Planning [pdf]1.2 MB
Keene Planning [pdf]2.16 MB
Lebanon Planning [pdf]3.99 MB
Lempster Planning [pdf]882.78 KB
Lyme Planning [pdf]913.69 KB
Marlow Planning [pdf]883.84 KB
New London Planning [pdf]998.11 KB
Newport Planning [pdf]1.1 MB
Orford Planning [pdf]1007 KB
Richmond Planning [pdf]925.32 KB
Rindge Planning [pdf]1.89 MB
Springfield Planning [pdf]1.02 MB
Sunapee Planning [pdf]1.09 MB
Swanzey Planning [pdf]974.3 KB
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